Are You and Your car ready for the autumn?

We can safely say that autumn has arrived, as it is getting dark sooner and nights are colder and colder. During this period, people travelling by car may suddenly encounter such weather conditions on the roads, which was not typical in the summer before. In this period, most of the accidents occur due to the fact that motorists do not drive in accordance with weather, visibility and road conditions.

This changeable weather requires increased attention and another driving technique.

Although many people have other opinions but driving on the highway is a difficult task because it requires constant concentration and vigilance by the driver. And this rainy, misty autumn period does not make the situation easier.

By keeping a greater distance between vehicles while driving on the highway, it is possible to prevent the rear-end collisions that are mostly typical during this period.

Furthermore, the leaves fallen on the road may pose significant road safety risks for several reasons. Due to wet leaves, the road becomes so slippery as if it were covered by ice. Unfortunately, the leaves can cover the road signs and cover road defects, including deep potholes.

The frost at dawn may also be a serious threat, as ice spots may appear on the roads, endangering the careless drivers. It is worth paying attention to unexpected changes in adhesion conditions, especially on bridges, overpasses, shaded areas or on woody road sections.

In autumn, even more attention has to be paid near the zebra crossings, schools and bus stops, due to pedestrians carelessly crossing the road.

Are You and Your car ready for the autumn?

Not only the driver, but also the car must be prepared for the changing weather. It is therefore advisable to carefully check and inspect all safety devices and accessories. Under this bad visibility conditions, lighting is essential, the headlights and other lamps should be cleaned more often as checking only the tires, battery and brake system is not enough.

An important accessory, needed in autumn traffic, is the well-functioning wiper blades which clean the windows without any stripes, the right windscreen washer or the demisting device.

Changes associated with the season also have a significant influence on road transport, as road, weather and visibility conditions are becoming less favourable. These changes involve the special dangers of autumn traffic, which all drivers must be aware of in order to protect our safety, physical integrity and health.

Besides purchasing a Hungarian highway vignette online, foresight, prudence and safety shall apply both in driving habits and style!

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