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What is the difference between the county and the traditional vignettes?

In addition to the usual time-based motorway stickers (10-day, monthly, yearly) can be purchased area county stickers based in Hungary. These stickers are valid to all the specific sections of highway, including the new toll segments. The county stickers can be used without time limit, for a whole year. You should plan your journey in advance, to decide which is the best sticker for you.

When should I buy county stickers?
Is it necessary to register to purchase a vignette?
Why register?
When should I buy vignette?
What do I do after buying a vignette?
How do I get an invoice of the purchase?
Is it possible to withdraw or cancel the payment for a valid vignette?
Telefon: +36 30 3036 608 | E-mail:
Telefon: +36 30 3036 608 | E-mail:
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