Vignette purchase information in Hungary

The Hungarian vignette system includes user of motorcycles, passenger cars and their trailers, and mass of cars authorized up to maximum 3.5 tonnes, campers and buses, and their towed vehicle. These vehicles can only use the Hungarian motorway network if the fee is paid in advance (before drive to road expressway) with e-vignette.

The vignette fee depends on the vehicle category and type of vignette. The motor vehicle fee shall be determined by the official categorization of entries in the registration certificate, on the basis of the maximum authorized mass of the vehicle and the number of persons transported.

Vehicle categories

Category D1

Motorcycles and automobiles for up to 7 persons including the driver and with a maximum permissible gross weight of 3.5 tons, and their trailers.

Category D1M

Can be purchased only by motorcyclists for the half price of category D1 for 10-days entitlement. For a longer term, motorcycle riders have to buy category D1 vignette.

Category D2

Automobiles for more than 7 persons, and cargo vehicles and campers of a maximum permissible gross weight of 3.5 tons.

Category B2

Bus- designed car for passangers on which including the driver's seat, there are more than 9 permanent seats.

U category

Trailers of vehicles in categories D2 and B2, for which the vignette must be purchased always for the trailer.

Vignette duration

10-day vignette

Start day and additional 9 days of purchase for a total of 10 consecutive calendar days, until the 24th hour of the 10th day.

Monthly vignette

Starting date designated by the purchaser in terms of number of days ending next month, the same day the 24th hour. In case if this day is missing that month, the validity is the last day of the month until the 24th hour.

County highway sticker

In addition to the usual time-based motorway stickers (10-day, monthly, yearly) territorial, county sticker model is also available in Hungary for D1, D2, and U for vehicles of category B2, which is a county expressway toll. Several county motorway e-vignettes can be purchased for a vehicle.

It applies for all the roads specified by the customer, and it’s valid from the purchase date until the following year to January 31st the 24th hour.

You can purchase stickers for the following county highway departments (expressway toll road network):

Bács-Kiskun, Baranya, Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén, Csongrád, Fejér, Győr-Moson-Sopron, Hajdú-Bihar, Heves, Komárom-Esztergom, Pest, Somogy, Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg, Tolna, Vas, Veszprém, Zala.

Attention! An important information do not forget! The scope of the administrative border of the county's county sticker is valid beyond the first junction after the county.

Anual vignettes

Annual national and regional vignettes for 2023 available! To purchase Hungarian vignette click here: Purchase

Annual national and regional e-vignettes for 2023 are valid from January 1. 2023 until January 31. 2024.

The fees for the weekly, monthly, annual and regional highway stickers are unchanged.

Payment solutions

You can pay with credit card without registration, so you need just a few minutes to prchase your e-vignette.

It is important that you can use the highway only with the possession of a successful purchase (stickers number)! Please always check the following on your control slip when making your purchase: registration number, country code, vehicle category and validity period.

Convenient purchase

The online payment system is operated by OTP Bank Nyrt. The system accepts credit/debit cards issued by other banks.

Your credit card data is only visible for OTP Bank Nyrt. and only they can handle the data given.

Frequent online shopping

Using our portal is not bound to registration, but registered users enjoy many amenities. Registration is FREE! There is neither annual nor monthly fees or other hidden costs! You can easily buy a vignette only with one clicking!

It’s the easiest method of payment even in a case of a mobile phone payment too.

The system displays the first order entry and customer data - in addition to the possible modification - already with a single click (in case of repeated credit card payment) you can also purchase the vignette. More questions have arisen in you? Visit our website Frequently Asked Questions >>> FAQ


The motorway can be used only vwith valid e-vignette. The right to use the roads is checked by registration numbers.

The rightful use of the road shall be verified by the electronic sales registry and the control slip. Please carefully check the provided data perior to payment!

In case of electronic purchase of the road use authorization, the confirming notification from Virpay Kft serves as a proof of purchase. When your purchase is complete, you can download your e-vignette after returning to our site.

Please always download your e-vignette and put it in your car and keep it until at 2 years!

Unauthorized use of road

Driving without valid road-use authorisation on a toll road section qualifies as unauthorised road use!

The National Toll Payment Services PLC checks the payment of the tolls with fixed cameras, mobile control units and mobile stop units.

Please make sure that you pay the relevant toll in time, that is prior to entering the roads! Later payment of the toll (even only a couple of minutes later) shall result in penalty.

In related cases with e-vignette and road using like incorrect toll category or licence plate number, change of registration number,theft/write-off etc. Please contact the custom service of The National Toll Payment Services.

Please contact them with your e-vignette and e-toll related queries at Call Center is available in Hungarian 24/7, in German on weekdays, and in English every day between 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM:+36 (36) 587-500.

Telefon: +36 30 3036 608 | E-mail:
Telefon: +36 30 3036 608 | E-mail:
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