Electronic invoicing

Requesting an electronic invoice

In case you request a VAT invoice at the time of the purchase, our system automatically sends an e-invoice to the e-mail address given at registration.

If you are a registered user and you logged in to make a purchase, you can download any time the e-invoice clicking ont he left hand side ont he E-vignette Archives.

All e-invoices contain 2 documents, one in PDF format and one in XML format.

The document in PDF format you can print any time, with the same data as the document in the XML format.

The XML format is adequate for accounting purposes, on the basis of Hungarian Accounting Principles and Law declared by NAV since it has a timestamp and electronic signature on.

Please save the XML format e-invoice in electronic format, because in case of an NAV audit, the XML invoice need to be provided.

In case you fail to save the XML document, please contact our customer service, and we are sending a certified duplicate to your registered e-mail address in 3 days.

The technical and in-law background of the electonic invoice


Referring to the CXXVII. Act of 2007. on the Value added tax, §174, paragraph 1 ( including § 176, pharagraph 1 on the simplified invoice) the invoice can be issued eletronically. In case you would like to have further information on the subject of electronic invoicing, please visit NAV website, clicking the link below:

NAV information on electronc invoicing

The invoices issued by VirPay Solutions Kft. are certified by the acutely secured electronic signature and timestamp. For further technical details on electronic invoicing, please click on the link below:

Microsec Kft.- electronic invoicing

Telefon: +36 30 3036 608 | E-mail: ugyfelszolgalat@virpay.hu
Telefon: +36 30 3036 608 | E-mail: ugyfelszolgalat@virpay.hu
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